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Dedicating songs to people on the radio seems a bit old-hat these days, and that’s probably what the developers of ShoutOut thought when they decided to create a new app. Using Facebook as a platform for sharing and discovering with people you’re already close to, the service lets you share and dedicate music with your list of contacts.

dedicate songs to friends

Hear a song that reminds you of someone? Fancy sending someone a recommendation or silly reminder of a funny event? ShoutOut makes this possible, and more by marrying your taste in music with the versatility of social media. You can send and receive music publicly and privately, as well as listening to unlimited streaming music based on your tastes.



  • Send and receive recommendations publicly and privately.
  • Comment, like and discuss music with your friends.
  • Plugs straight into Facebook, no need for a separate account.
  • Unlimited streaming radio!

Check out ShoutOut Radio @ App Store


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