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The latest web services are increasingly focusing on activities being social. One of these web services is Shortmail, a simplified email service that lets you send short emails in a friendlier and more social way.

simplified email

Shortmail is a free to use social emailing web service. The site lets you sign up through your Twitter account. Your email address on Shortmail is your Twitter username followed by You can use your new email address to receive and send emails that are under 500 characters long. You can choose to keep these emails private or public, in which case they are visible on your Shortmail public page where others can view your interactions with friends. By setting your conversations to Public, you can use Shortmail as your social networking account to connect with any friend who has an email address.


  • A user-friendly web service.
  • Provides you with a new email address through Twitter.
  • Lets you send and receive emails less than 500 characters long.
  • Uses emails to form an online social network.

Check out Shortmail @

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