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Shortcuts for Gmail is a useful Chrome extension that lets people use keyboard shortcuts to select different options on their Gmail accounts, instead of scrolling around with the mouse. The extension is a part of the KeyRocket startup that also provides keyboard shortcut guides for Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint.

According to the extension developers, it is the fastest method of learning keyboard shortcuts for your Gmail account or any other account that you use for your Google Apps. It offers recommendation to people as they are working on their Gmail accounts about the keyboard shortcuts they can use while working on a particular task.

gmail shortcuts guide

What you need to remember is that to make it work, you need to enable keyboard shortcuts on your Chrome browser first.


  • Duly informs you through a small notification at the side of your screen about the keyboard shortcuts you could have used instead of using mouse clicks.
  • Can access user data on Gmail and Google.

Install Shortcuts for Gmail


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