Shortcut Manager: Assign Hotkeys To Various Browser Actions [Chrome]

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There are many tasks you perform on your browser frequently. For example, there might be a website that you visit a lot, maybe you import / export your bookmarks with a high frequency, maybe you duplicate tabs, or perhaps there are certain scripts that you run from the address bar very often. Most of these tasks are done manually and they require a number of steps before they can be initialized.

What you could really use is a tool that assigns hotkey shortcuts to these frequently performed tasks so that they are initialized right away without you having to open new pages or click on new objects. Here to be that tool for Google Chrome users is a browser tool called Shortcut Manager.

shortcut manager

Shortcut Manager comes as a browser extension that you install; once installed, you can find its blue icon in the top right corner of your browser. Clicking on this icon displays the list of available hotkey shortcuts for the particular webpage you are on. New shortcuts can be added and existing shortcuts can be edited by accessing the options of the extension.

The options let you clearly define the browser extension against any hotkey shortcuts that you set. You can set browser actions or specify the JavaScripts to execute upon a certain hotkey shortcut.

Using this browser extension will be extremely beneficial for people who run various scripts on their browser.


  •  A user-friendly browser extension.
  •  Compatible with Google Chrome.
  •  Can assign hotkey shortcuts to browser actions.
  •  Can execute JavaScripts by pressing hotkeys.

Check out Shortcut Manager @

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