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Realizing that it is your friend’s birthday and you have not bought a present for them often results in a hastily purchased present, one that they probably would not really like. What you need is a tool that helps you easily find out the likes of your friends and presents that correspond to those likes. Shopycat is precisely that tool.

buy friends presents

Shopycat is a web service that works as a Facebook application. The app’s purpose is to help you find presents based on the LIKEs of your friends. After you authorize the app access to your Facebook account, you can view your list of friends. Place the mouse pointer over a friend’s thumbnail and you will be provided with a gift suggestion based on one of your friend’s LIKEs.

To get more suggestions and view more of their LIKEs, simply click on this thumbnail. You can then view a number of suggestions that your friend will likely be interested in. Items you find in the app have prices mentioned; anything you find purchase-worthy can be instantly bought online through Wal-Mart’s website; the app itself is Wal-Mart’s creation.



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