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A recently released iPhone and Android customer rewards app called Shopkick has gone nationwide in a number popular retail chains in America. Unlike other rewards programs, Shopkick provides users rewards points for simply walking into a supported store.

With Shopkick installed on your iPhone, you launch the app when you walk into a supporting store and the Shopkick app process will reward you with what they call “kicks”. The app lists nearby retailers in your geolocation, and the number of walk-in kick points you will receive when you walk into the store. There are limits, however, to the number of times you will receive kicks for walking into the same store.

You can get additional rewards for inviting your friends via the Shopkick app or your Facebook account. Users can earn 25000 kicks for each friend that joins Shopkick. Regular sample rewards include 25 kicks for a 1 Facebook Credit, 500+ kicks for a Best Buy gift card, and 6250000 kicks for a Princess Cruises trip.

The Shopkick app was launched in 2010 and used in a handful of US states, but now it has gone nationwide. Supporting store chains include Target, Macy’s, Best Buy, Crate&Barrel, The Sports Authority, Old Navy, and Toys “R” Us.


Shopkick claims that inside of 18 months over 3 million people have used the app. It also claims that it has driven over $110 million in revenue for brands and retailers.

Shopkick is available for free for iPhone and Android phones. Visit this page to register and get the direct links to the app.


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