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Last week, our poll asked you which of the major online retailers was your favourite What's Your Favourite Major Online Retailer? [MakeUseOf Poll] What's Your Favourite Major Online Retailer? [MakeUseOf Poll] Read More . It seems MakeUseOf readers tend to favour Amazon, followed by eBay and Walmart.

A total of 433 votes were counted for the poll: Amazon received 58% of the votes; eBay followed with 20% votes; Walmart had 8% of the votes; Target received 5% of votes; both and Borders received 2% votes; the rest of the options made up the remaining 5% votes.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

Commenters also added that they love Newegg, Tiger Direct, Threadless and w00t.

This week’s poll question is: How often do you shop online?


If you have any strong opinions for or against shopping online, let us know why in the comments!

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