ShoeBox App Now Integrates With Facebook Timeline – Plus Photos Into The Past [News]

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I recently wrote a review of ShoeBox for iPhone, and I have to say it is a cool application for anyone who has a lot of old pictures that they want to bring to the digital age. Basically, ShoeBox allows you to use your iPhone’s camera to scan in your old photos, and bring them to the 21st century. Of course, once you scan in the pictures, you can share them via their app and on Facebook. Well, they have issued an update to their iPhone application, and it makes it even cooler than it already was.

What makes this update something special is that it is one of the first applications that allow users to plug things into the past on their Facebook Timeline. For example, if you had a photo of you as a baby from 1986, you could scan it into ShoeBox and post it, and it would show on your Timeline as occurring in 1986. Normally, the picture would show as the date you uploaded it, which breaks the Timeline feel and makes it a non accurate representation of your life.

In addition to going back in time, this update also allows you to tag photos from the application. They also elected to use Facebook’s Photos API, which forces users to manually add the date to pictures, but allows the photos to be posted in a bigger, more beautiful format.

This is an example of what makes Timeline cool. It shows that when done right, an app that works with Timeline can really enhance the users social experience, and not just say what movie you want to see or what song you just listened to. I hope other developers take a cue from ShoeBox and make a strong creative use of the Timeline.

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Source: Techcrunch

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Bean Bag Chairs

are they going to get this on android too ??


James Bruce

that seems like a pretty bad way to preserve old images – why not just use a $50 scanner?



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