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Running may sound an easy mode of exercise but if you are not properly equipped, it can sometimes hurt your feet badly. ShoeAdvisor helps you find the best running shoes by asking you questions about your physique and running requirements. It asks for information like height, weight, gender, average pace, running experience,  foot arch, motion mechanics and even details about how your foot strike the ground.

Once you provide the details, it finds multiple running shoes for you along with their details and pricing. You can also compare the recommended shoes for more details. The tool also lets you find shoes similar to a specific one by just entering the shoe details.

It is a great tool to pick the right shoes if you are serious about running.

running shoe recommendations


  • Recommends running shows based on 10 questions.
  • Considers weight, height, gender, foot mechanics and running experience.
  • Compared the recommended shoes against each other for more detailed information.
  • No registration required.

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  1. Red Pumps
    October 29, 2011 at 1:51 pm

    I was skeptical at first, but it actual works ok and gives reliable recomendations