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The Internet has changed the way we travel. Before, we depended so much on tour agencies for our itineraries, and while this was convenient, it may have left out the better places that the locals know and love. Today, we can do proper research, book our own schedules, find our own places to stay, and travel on our own. And if you want friendly local people as your tour guide, you can check out Shiroube.

find local travel guides

Shiroube lets you find people who are willing to show you around their neighborhood for a minimal fee. This gets you an intimate and small-group tour without being pushed over by schedules and large tour groups. This way, you get to experience the destinations on a more grounded setting.

With Shiroube, you can either find a guide, or be the guide. Prospective guides can place up to three ads for free. Once signed in, you can post specific guide ads – guide details, price, activities, and pictures of the destination. If you want to look for a guide, just browse through your planned destination and view the different tours.

Shiroube is a nice app for anyone looking for a tour guide on a budget. Since you are contacting the tour guide directly you can save lots of money and hassle in planning your trip.


  • Search and contact local tour guides.
  • Tour guides can sign up and post ads.
  • Free up to three ads and three contact e-mails.
  • Browse through destination through Google Maps.
  • Find the best local guide rates.
  • Similar Tools: Vayable, Roadside America, and Traveletiquette.

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