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Normally to access your phone applications after you get the phone out of your pocket, you follow a three step procedure – unlock the phone, look for your application, open the application. But here to help by making the process much faster is an app called Shipoopi Lockscreen Widget.

shortcuts on lock screen android

Shipoopi Lockscreen Widget is a free to use smart device application for phones are tablets that are running the Android OS. The app is sized at nearly 0.3 MB and is compatible with smart devices running Android version 4.2 or later. The function of the application is to make your favorite phone applications more accessible to you. As mentioned earlier, normally phone users lock their phones to prevent numbers being accidentally dialed or from various settings being accidentally deleted.

This means however that each time you need to access your phone applications, you must first unlock the phone, then go to your home screen, then find the application you are looking for, and then open it. This entire process is simplified by Shipoopi Lockscreen Widget as it lets you place applications shortcuts right on your lockscreen. The way the app works is really simple – after you install the app, you can specify which of your installed application should appear on the lockscreen. You can select an app on the lockscreen so you can unlock the phone and open the app in the same step.

shipoopi lockscreen widget


  • A user friendly phone app.
  • Compatible with Android devices.
  • Places app shortcuts on lockscreen.
  • Saves time in getting to your favorite apps from the lockscreen.

Check out Shipoopi Lockscreen Widget @

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  1. macwitty
    June 24, 2013 at 10:35 am

    Thanks! have been looking for this - tired of all this clicking just to make a call or check email