Shelfari: Place To Catalog Your Books

Shelfari is a place to catalog your books, discover new books and socialize with other book lovers. It lets you catalog, organize and share all of your books in Shelfari bookshelf. It’s easy to use and imposes no restrictions on the number of books you can add to your bookshelf.

bitletorg   Shelfari: Place To Catalog Your Books

Shelfari Features:

  • Create and share personal virtual bookshelf
  • Explore all listed books (by most talked, by most commented, by recently commented)
  • Browse books by top 200 tags
  • Connect with your friends and see what are they reading.
  • Embed your Shelfari bookshelf on Facebook, Myspace, Bebo, etc.
  • Get and give recommendations for what to read next
  • Rate others’ books and booklists
  • Join different reader groups

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Shelfari is my obsession. I spend way too much time on there, which is not a bad thing i guess :)
Add me as a friend!


I am not on Shelfari but on LibraryThing. Are you there as well?