Shazam Launches Their Own Unique Music Player App On iOS [News]

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Shazam EncoreLarge 300x300   Shazam Launches Their Own Unique Music Player App On iOS [News]Shazam, the company best known for their music identification application that launched in 2008, has just launched their own music playing application on iOS. Their aim is replace the default music application on the device. The app features some really cool stuff that helps set it apart from the built-in player.

The first feature that you will notice is playback with lyrics. Upon booting the application, it will scan your library for songs that can be played along with their lyrics. This is great if you always wondered exactly what the artist is saying in some of your favorite songs, and you don’t want to put in the effort to find out. You can even use the application as a way to do some karaoke, either on the small screen or by hooking your device up to an Apple TV.

Navigating the music player is very similar to what you will find in the default player. Music can be grouped by artist, album or track. This will make navigating the app easy and familiar for iOS users. The app will automatically read your iTunes playlists, so you don’t have to go and recreate them with the new app.

shazamplayer   Shazam Launches Their Own Unique Music Player App On iOS [News]

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Each track in Shazam has a little blue triangle next to it. Clicking it will bring up more options on the track. You can see the LyricPlay options, static lyrics, sharing (via Twitter), YouTube videos, tour dates and artist biographies.

This is certainly a more robust music player than the one built into the OS. It is available free, in the iTunes app store.

Source: TheNextWeb

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Too bad there isn’t an iPad version.

Tushar Agarwal

Shazam player iOS app has a neat UI, easy navigation and i like the details it can provide about the soundtrack.