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The popular music, song, and TV recognition mobile app, Shazam, can now identify nearly every live TV show, on any channel in the U.S. This improvement extends the app’s second-screen capabilities allowing users to discover songs featured in live TV shows, link to the latest news, trivia, and gossip about celebrities, as well as share comments and links via social networks.

Similarly to how it works for music content, Shazam enables users to hold their supporting mobile device near the audio feed for a show, and in the few seconds it recognizes the name of the show, and provides bio information about the cast, celebrity buzz, and the ability to purchase a recording of the show if it’s on sale. Recognized shows can be tagged for later review. The app can even identify advertising.

Previously, Shazam’s coverage was limited to programs like the Super Bowl, American Idol and NBC’s Olympic broadcast. But now that it has expanded its space, it can identify nearly any show on over 160 TV channels. This brings wider interactive TV to viewing audiences who use the app.

The app also allows viewers to watch music videos and concerts on YouTube and share comments and feedback about media content on Facebook, Twitter, and email.

Shazam says its highly popular cross-platform smartphone app is used by over 2 million people, and the service has recently reached a major milestone of over 5 billion TV and song recognitions. Shazam is reportedly the 9th most downloaded app of all time, says the company.


Source: Mashable

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