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Shazam has just launched an awesome new update for its iOS application that adds some useful new features, as well as improves the way the app performs for individuals using older iOS devices. For people who enjoy using the app to recognize TV shows and music, this new update most certainly comes in handy.

The first, and most inherently important part of this update comes to the improved recognition. After all, the main function of Shazam is listening to and identifying various forms of entertainment. I always found Shazam to be dead on for finding most things, but this update is aimed at making the process faster, which is great, because I have encountered plenty of instances of the app taking a little too long to find what I need. Users on all devices will see improvements, but the biggest change comes to users with older devices.

Integration with Twitter has been improved, and users can now play track previews right from the social network’s app or web site. Shazam’s Twitter card also adds the same feature. Any user who likes to share the things they have discovered on the service should enjoy this feature.

In its last update, Shazam added a feature called Explore charts, and this new version makes some minor improvements to them. Now, they show a list of popular media discovered on the service in the last week. This feature is aimed at helping users find new and entertaining things on the service, so improvements there should go a long way.

The update is available for download now on the App Store. Users with the app already installed should see the update on their devices now.


Source: Apple Insider

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