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Spotify has taken in quite a lot of users since their launch in the US and many users have been looking for ways to discover more music with it. However, if you are too lazy to compile playlists for your Spotify account, why not get the playlists from your friends? ShareMyPlaylist is a simple app that lets you connect with other Spotify users to generate, download, and share playlists.

share spotify playlists

ShareMyPlaylists relies heavily on its users to share and exchange playlists. You can explore new music by using the built-in search engine, or by checking out the top rated playlists, and songs. But the best feature of the website is where you can generate a new playlist from your friends suggestions and by searching through the website. Once the playlist is generated you can use it instantly with your Spotify Account or share it to the world.



  • Share playlists with Spotify users.
  • Compile songs with the Playlist Generator.
  • iPad app available.
  • Updated playlists ideal for discovering music.
  • Similar tools: Playlist¬†and Embedr.

Check out ShareMyPlaylists @


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