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So many devices. So much information. And yet it’s practically impossible to sync the two in real-time.

You discover a fantastic article while scrolling through your social media feed on your phone or tablet and would rather read it on your computer. Or maybe you look up “nearby coffee shops” on your laptop, but want to instantly send the number to your phone to call them. What do you do?

1 Number - Chrome to Android

If you’re an Apple user, you may already know how to sync your Mac and iOS clipboards Sync Your Mac & iOS Clipboard With Command-C & Scribe Sync Your Mac & iOS Clipboard With Command-C & Scribe Transferring the contents of your Mac's clipboard to your iPhone or iPad usually involves sending yourself an email or message, but that's cumbersome and inefficient. Read More . What about for Windows and Android though? Among some incredible clipboard managing tools 10 Incredibly Useful Clipboard Management Utilities [Windows] 10 Incredibly Useful Clipboard Management Utilities [Windows] Copy and paste is one of the best features we have at our fingertips, especially when combined with keyboard shortcuts. You can’t argue that copying and pasting is one of the most common things we... Read More  you can use to become a cpro at managing your clipboard 5 Tips to Manage Your Windows Clipboard Like a Pro 5 Tips to Manage Your Windows Clipboard Like a Pro Better known as Copy & Paste, a tool for students to lift passages from Wikipedia, the Clipboard can save you loads of typing time. We'll show you how to use it like a pro. Read More , there are a few good options for syncing your clipboard. In addition, I discovered two others that I wanted to like but wasn’t too enthused about. Keep reading to find out the good, the bad and the ugly about these five clipboard syncing tools.


The problem doesn’t stop at syncing devices’ clipboards and Pushbullet addresses that by putting your Android and PC on the same wavelength Pushbullet Puts Your Android And PC On The Same Wavelength Pushbullet Puts Your Android And PC On The Same Wavelength Find out how you can keep your Android perfectly synced with your PC -- push your phone's notifications to your desktop, share files, and much more! Read More . Pushbullet can operate through locally installed software or through a browser extension, but the Chrome extension can continue operating in the background when Chrome is closed.


2.1 Pushbullet Settings Android

When you install the browser extension and Android app, make sure “Universal Copy & Paste” is enabled and you’re good to go.

2.2 Pushbullet Settings Chrome

Be sure to check out Ben’s article (linked above) outlining all of Pushbullet’s useful features.


  • cross-platform and versatile
  • functionality beyond clipboard syncing


  • setup time is slightly longer than others (but worth it)


ClipSync is a simple clipboard syncing service that has been around for quite some time and has been recommended as a solution for storing your clipboard data and sharing it online How To Store Your Clipboard Data & Share It Online How To Store Your Clipboard Data & Share It Online The clipboard is something we use probably every few minutes, but seldom see. Like an invisible help it stays out of the way and carries whatever we cut and copy to every corner of our... Read More . It has few settings or any setup required, aside from connecting to the same server. The advantage of not requiring an account comes as a slight disadvantage, however, when the devices must be on the same wireless network.

Download the Windows software and Android app, connect the app to the server and start copy and pasting.

3.1 ClipSync Android UI

If the Android app has issues automatically detecting the server, as mine did, you can manually input the IP address.

3.2 ClipSync - IP Address


  • no account required
  • quick setup


  • devices must be on the same network


If you like the idea of running a Chrome extension, like Pushbullet, but want the simplicity of features like ClipSync, then Clipbrd is the perfect tool. It can also run in the background with Chrome closed.

4.1 Clipbrd - Chrome Icon

The extension button functions as an on/off toggle — no need to disable the extension or sift through the options when you want to stop syncing. There aren’t many settings, practically no setup time and it just works! What more could you ask?

4.2 Clipbrd - Android UI


  • extension button toggles on/off
  • great FAQ section


  • few “extra features” if you want them

Two Other Options

Both Kingsoft Clip and Scatter initially seemed like fantastic tools that had several bonus functions such as image sync and managing clipboard history. It’s these functions that helped them even get mentioned. However, there were various hiccups and hurdles along the way creating a poor user experience for me. Prior to writing this article, I also reached out to both companies about my questions and problems, but never got a response.

5 ain't nobody got time for that

Perhaps if you try them, you’ll have a more positive experience.

Kingsoft Clip

6.1 Kingsoft Windows UI

Kingsoft Clip operates off of a software download and Android app. From the app, you access the “Floating Window” which contains the clipboard history and allows you to upload clipboard entries to the cloud where it’s synced with the other devices on the account.

6.2 Kingsoft Android UI

What turned me off

Only 20 syncable entries per month and then I have to pay for more? You have to be kidding me.

I had a great experience syncing my Android clipboard to my PC. Anything I copied on my phone could be instantly pasted on my computer. However, this didn’t work for me the other way around. Though what I copied on my PC was detected by the local Kingsoft Clip software, it wouldn’t automatically send to my phone. I had to manually click the “send to cloud” button. If this is how it is supposed to work, that is a pointless extra step.

Logging in with the PC software was slow and glitchy — it would tell me I needed to log in after closing and reopening the program, freeze and “fail”, then show it already was logged in.

In times where people want things now and suffer from lack of attention span, seamless functionality is crucial and Kingsoft Clip just didn’t give me that kind of experience.


7.1 Scatter Windows UI

Reading positive reviews of Scatter elsewhere on the web gave me high hopes, and for the most part I liked it. It automatically syncs any screenshot or picture you take on your phone to your computer — that’s fantastic! You can also manage clipboard history.

7.2 Scatter Android UI

What turned me off

What it doesn’t do is automatically sync the clipboards, but rather sync the clipboard data between PC software and Android app. You can’t just paste straight from the phone’s clipboard — you first must go to the Scatter app to get what you want to paste.

Again, I tried to figure this out, just like Kingsoft’s Clip. I gave it more than the allocated time and still couldn’t figure it out how to sync directly to my phone’s clipboard. It shouldn’t be this hard.


Your copy/paste woes are now solved!

If Kingsoft Clip or Scatter have the additional features you want and need in a clipboard syncing client, I encourage you to try them yourself. Perhaps you’ll have a better experience. If you do, I would love to hear about it!

If you use devices on multiple platforms and want more features in addition to syncing your clipboard, like syncing your phone’s notifications, replying to texts from your computer and so on, Pushbullet is the best.

Personally, I prefer Clipbrd over ClipSync because I like doing as much from Chrome as I can. But if you’re one to keep the number of browser extensions to a minimum Stop Installing Browser Add-ons - For a Faster, Leaner Browser Use Bookmarklets Instead Stop Installing Browser Add-ons - For a Faster, Leaner Browser Use Bookmarklets Instead Read More , ClipSync is a great choice.

What do use? Have you had a better or worse experience with any of the mentioned tools? Share your thoughts and feedback in the comments.

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