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Last week we asked you whether or not you use recommendation apps to find good places to eat Do You Use Social Recommendation Apps To Find A Good Place To Eat? [MakeUseOf Poll] Do You Use Social Recommendation Apps To Find A Good Place To Eat? [MakeUseOf Poll] Social recommendation apps for restaurants are all the rage lately. Apps and websites such as Yelp and Urbanspoon are highly popular, and many people use them as a gauge when deciding where to have dinner.... Read More . Apparently, this is not a subject readers think of a lot, as only 78 of you voted. But this makes the results all the more interesting!

Out of 78 readers who voted, 45% don’t use recommendation apps at all (!), 24% use them all the time and find them useful, 23% use them sometimes, 6% used to use recommendation apps but don’t trust them anymore, and 1% keep trying to use them, but are usually disappointed.

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

While not many people voted, it’s still surprising to see that more than half of the voters don’t use these apps, and most of the voters don’t think they’re any good. I guess the market is ready for something different in this niche!


This week’s poll question is: How Often Do You Share On Twitter?


Twitter is a staggeringly large social network, and as such, millions of tweets pass through its line each day. We all know there are Twitter accounts which are almost empty, with 1-2 tweets every few days, and there are Twitter accounts from which we get a flood of tweets, which can sometimes drown our whole timeline. Where do you fall into the mix? Do you love sharing on Twitter and tweet multiple times a day, or are you one of those who prefer to tweet once every 2-3 days? Or maybe you don’t even own a Twitter account?

Do you love seeing many tweets from your friends? Or do you think people should limit themselves to several tweets per week so as to not create an over-crowded timeline for everyone?

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