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There are nearly limitless ways to share photo albums these days. In addition to the popular Flickr site, we have reviewed 5 alternative photo sharing sites 5 Online Photo Sharing Sites Which Are Free Alternatives To Flickr 5 Online Photo Sharing Sites Which Are Free Alternatives To Flickr Read More , as well as 4 Photo Websites to Share One Photo Everyday Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Top 4 Photo Websites To Share One Photo Everyday Read More . All of these sites provide you with a way to quickly sort your collections of photos and present them on individual webpages or slideshow presentations.

But there’s something about the old school album style that still makes photos stand out. That’s why you might want to check out It’s a stylish, simple way to share your photos online using its straightforward album editor that you can download for free from the Mac App Store.

Along with Mac OS X, supports mobile devices, including the iPhone and other iOS devices, Windows phones and mobile devices using Android such as the HTC Desire, Samsung Galaxy S, and others.

free online photo album

How To Use The Photo Album Editor

The Photo Album editor starts you off with a half dozen stylish album themes to choose from. No doubt more themes will be eventually added, but there’s enough variety for almost any type of photos. You need to give your album a name and then click to start your layout.

online photo album


Like all advanced photo applications for Mac users, Photo Album integrates with your iPhoto and Aperture libraries, so you don’t have to open those applications to get at your photos.

online share photo album

Photo Album also integrates with Picasa and Flickr, allowing you to pull photos directly from those sites. To access your own Flickr or Picasa accounts, you will need to confirm and allow Albm to have access to your accounts. The integration with Flickr is easy, but in my testing, Photo Album doesn’t download your photos as sets, and its search tool didn’t do a good job of helping me locate specific photos in my Flickr account. So it seems best to simply drag selected photos from your account onto your desktop, and then drag them into the album pages of Photo Album. If you need to get photos uploaded and presented a hurry, Photo Album even allows you to pull photos directly from your camera.

Editing Photos

Photo Album starts you off with a set of ten pages, but you can easily add as many pages as you like. You can also edit your photos in Photo Album, but the tools for doing so are very limited.

After you drop a photos into an album page, you simply select it to bring up the editing toolbar.

online photo album

The tool on the far left allows you to rotate your photos, and the slider in the middle allows you to zoom in on the content of your selected image. This re-size feature will be the most useful to you. Clicking the fuzzy little button on the top-right side of the image toolbar presents three very basic photo conversion tools.

my online photo album

Except for perhaps the Sepia conversion filter, I don’t find these filters very useful. It would be much better to do all your photo enhancements and editing in iPhoto or some other image program before adding them to Photo Album.

my online photo album

The existing templates in Photo Album include pages for text that you can customize, but as it stands now, there doesn’t seem to be a way to add your own text boxes to pages.

Sharing Albums

When you’re done with your layout, it’s a simple process of clicking File > Publish to From there you can create your account.

my online photo album

Your albums are presented in a simple, minimalist layout where viewers can click from page-to-page using the thumbnail pages, or they can use their mouse cursor to “flip” pages one at a time.


As you might expect, your albums can be embedded and shared on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts, amongst others. You can also use straightforward links to your albums and viewers can add comments to your album pages.

free online photo album

There are plenty of desirable tools and features that could be included in Photo Album, but for now the application and service is a quick and elegant way to share your photos in your own free online photo album.

Let us know what you think of, and also what other photo sharing sites you have found to be useful.

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