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In a recent announcement, Dropbox said that you can now upload and share files with your group members within the Facebook groups you might have set up. Dropbox sharing in Facebook groups is being rolled out even as we publish this. So, do wait patiently a while as Dropbox comes to your Facebook group.

The behavior of the Dropbox group share will be just like any other post on Facebook. Your friends in the group can like or comment on the stuff you share from within the group. Make any edits to the file you share and other group members will receive instant notifications. Members can also preview the shared link to the file.

Start the share by clicking on the ubiquitous Add File link within the group. You’ll see a “From Your Dropbox” icon and link just next to the regular file uploader. After giving Facebook customary access to your Dropbox account, you can browse through your cloud storage folders and select the file you would like to share. It could be docs, photos, and videos…anything that’s there. The shared link to the file will come up on the post on Group’s wall and can also be viewed on a smartphone or tablet.

Concerns regarding the Facebook access to a part of your digital life on the cloud aside, this feature could make group sharing much more flexible. What’s your opinion?

Source: Dropbox Blog


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