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Visitors to a site appreciate the site’s social media sharing buttons as these buttons let them share anything interesting on their social networking accounts. If you run a site or blog and would like to add such a sharing feature in a visually appealing way, check out ShareSidebar.

social media sharing buttons

ShareSidebar is a web service that provides you with a sidebar for your website. This sidebar contains buttons to various social networks. You decide which social networks show up as the option is provided. The available networks include Facebook, Twitter, Delicious, Digg, Google Buzz, StumbleUpon, Reddit, and Yahoo Buzz.

After selecting your networks you enter your email and site name. Click on the “Get the Code” button to obtain the embeddable code that will show the sidebar.

add social media buttons to website

Paste this code onto every page of your site, before the closing </body> tag. The Sidebar will appear on the left or right, as selected by you in the options.


ShareSidebar: Quickly Add Social Media Sharing Buttons to Your Site Buttons

The sidebar will appear on every page, on the same side, and with its buttons in fixed positions.


  • Easily add add social media buttons to website.
  • Lets you add sharing options to your site through a sidebar.
  • You can select which social network buttons appear.
  • Provides you with an embeddable code for the sidebar.
  • A great tool for owners of websites and blogs.
  • Similar tools: ButtonMaker, DaButtonFactory, Buttonator, TheButtonEffect and HTML and CSS Rounded Corner Button Generator.

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