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Last week’s poll invited the dreamers of you to answer this question: Where would you live if you could freelance online from anywhere If You Could Freelance Anywhere, Where Would You Live? [MakeUseOf Poll] If You Could Freelance Anywhere, Where Would You Live? [MakeUseOf Poll] Read More ? The poll answers were strictly divided into certain types of areas, but the comments led to some very interesting specific locations and reasons for your choices.

The results clearly tell us that if MakeUseOf readers had online freelance work and wi-fi wherever it’s needed, most of you would hit the beach or an island. That’s 35% of MUO responders heading straight for the sun and sand. Sounds lovely, but I’m not sure you’ll get much work done there! Almost with a perfect draw for second place came two very different locations: ‘Mountains’ on 20% and ‘Busy City’ on 19%. This tells us that MUO readers are pretty equally divided when it comes to the sociable and the introverted: Half of you want to live it up and the other half want to get away from it all. ‘Remote Village’ on 10% was slightly more popular than the 6% of votes for ‘Tropical/Forest’ area. However, after reading the comments, this seems like it’s because few people believe they’ll get good internet access in a forest. Love the priorities, MakeUseOf readers!

Full results and this week’s poll after the jump.

As you can see, all those cafés in beach towns had better start improving their wi-fi access for the influx of freelancer workers coming their way!

Now, enough with the dreaming and on to something a tad more serious.


This week’s poll question is: Do you share passwords with your spouse/partner?

Please note: I’d normally just say “partner”, but I didn’t want anyone getting confused with business partners. By saying spouse/partner I intend to cover all manner of serious romantic relationships where both parties love and trust each other completely.

Sharing passwords is a pretty serious security issue. I doubt that any security specialist would ever recommend sharing any passwords for any reason, yet so many couples do it anyway. The consequences of shared passwords (even without considering a potential break-up) are numerous and in some cases quite dire. But somehow, when you’ve come to trust someone so much, it seems far less important to keep these things secret.

So, let’s see what the general attitude is among MakeUseOf readers. I’d be very surprised if many of you are as open with passwords as the general public are.

Have you shared your most important passwords? Just a few? Which passwords are most important to you? Or, are you of the “I love you, but not THAT much” security-cautious variety? Do tell!

When considering your answers to this poll, if you are single or with someone you don’t entirely trust, please consider what your stance would be if you did have a partner you trusted completely. Would you share passwords then?

Feel free to elaborate on your answer a little in the comments – we realise a complicated question can never be answered completely by a simple poll choice.

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