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Share My Screen Pro is a handy cost-effective software solution that lets you share your screen with anyone online via browser. It is aimed at people who work remotely and located in different geographical locations. Using it you can run meetings and presentations over the Internet from single user presentations up to 300 viewer webinars. It is easy to set up and run and doesn’t require the viewer to download any software. Your viewers can access your screen via Windows PCs and devices running Android and iOS platforms.

To set it up to share your screen, first sign up on the website. Then download and install the software on your computer. Launch the application and click on the “create share session” button to start sharing your screen. You will see the screen link at the bottom (viewer link). Simply send this link to people you want to share your screen with. Viewers don’t have to sign up or download any software to start viewing your screen.

share your screen instantly

An above 60Kbs connection is recommended for optimal performance of the app. It lets you share your screen to a single view for free. To share to more people you will have to upgrade to one of their paid accounts starting from around 7$/month.



  • Share your screen, files and instant messages with your viewers.
  • Share instantly by sending the screen link.
  • 128 bit encryption.
  • No software download or sign up required for viewers.
  • Share with PCs and with devices running iOS or Android.
  • Flash required.
  • Related tools – ScreenView, ScreenLeap.

check out Share My Screen Pro @  (via Ilovefreesoftware)

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