Bring Instagram Into Your Browser With Share.Me

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instagram web 300   Bring Instagram Into Your Browser With Share.MeWhile Instagram has finally offered users a way to view profiles from the comfort of a browser, it has yet to offer up the full Instagram experience. A lot of third party developers have jumped in to fill that void (with the exception of course of being able to upload photos to Instagram). is the latest option to join the ranks of Ink361, Instadash, and many others.

Taking heavy inspiration from Pinterest’s layout, allows you to keep up not only with the users you follow on Instagram, but it makes it incredibly easy to discover new users based on a variety of interesting categories.

The first thing you’ll need to do to use is authorize it to access your Instagram account. Once that’s done, you’ll find a menu of ‘channels’ or categories, allowing you to browse Instagram in your browser. These include brands, celebrities, fashion, tech and more, and the results in each of these feeds is based on the use of tags.

Shareme Menu   Bring Instagram Into Your Browser With Share.Me

The default feed that is displayed however is your own personal feed – featuring the latest photos shared by users that you follow. Using endless scroll, you can browse through the many photos shared by your friends in a simple grid that also displays their descriptions and tags. Hovering over a photo will show you all the different ways in which you can interact with users and their photos – share the photos on Pinterest, Twitter or Facebook, or like and comment on the photo on Instagram. (We did notice, however, that the Twitter and Facebook buttons seem to be mixed up since hitting Twitter opens up a Facebook dialog and vice versa).

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Shareme Feed   Bring Instagram Into Your Browser With Share.Me

Opening up an individual photo, you can view the most recent likes it’s received, any comments it may have received, and also have access to social sharing buttons – which don’t appear to be working at all.

Shareme Photo   Bring Instagram Into Your Browser With Share.Me

User profiles display all the key information – number of friends and followers, the latest photos, the user’s bio and a follow button.

Shareme Profile 590x414   Bring Instagram Into Your Browser With Share.Me

All names and tags on are clickable, making it easy to jump from one profile, or search for a keyword, to the next. You can also search for individual keywords using the search bar at the top of the page. A menu at the top of the page also makes it easy to access key parts of your Instagram profile.

In addition to your feed, you can easily access your favourites and your own profile. You can also view the 30 most recent popular photos, as well as view photos shared nearby.

Shareme Top Menu   Bring Instagram Into Your Browser With Share.Me

The few glitches we came across aside, is a solid choice for anyone who’s a fan of the Pinterest layout, and is looking for an easy way to share Instagram posts to Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Like other Instagram clients, it makes up for the features that Instagram hasn’t provided for its browser-based users, although it continues to upgrade and beef up its mobile client. You can interact with other users fully, search for keywords and usernames, click on profile names and hashtags, as well as view other users friends and follower lists – all of which are features that Instagram provides only to its mobile users.

What do you think of Let us know in the comments.

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Brian Mok

You can now view your Instagram feed through the official website homepage.

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