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facts about yourselfLast month, I introduced you to Formspring, which offers the ability to ask users questions on anything you want in order to learn about them. It enables you to “ask me anything”, remember? It’s very addictive.

Well the reason I’m bringing this up now is because Facto is like a reverse-Formspring, although it’s equally addictive. By “reverse-Formspring”, I mean that instead of users asking you questions to find out more about you, you can list little-known facts about yourself for them to see. Facts that you cook up are easily shareable via social networks like Twitter and friends can come and let you know what they think by clicking a few choice options.

Who’s Behind Facto?

Facto was created by Kyle Bragger, maker of Forrst, which is a community for designers and developers. Kyle, who I know personally through working at VaynerMedia (full disclosure), developed Facto from concept to reality in a mere 24 hours, and has already received press from other mainstream blogs shortly after Facto went live.

Kyle blogged about the whole process on his personal site, so if you feel so inclined, I invite you to check it out.

How Do I Get Started With Facto?

facts about yourself


To start utilizing Facto (directory listing), head over to the homepage and list a fact about yourself. I know this may seem hard, so here are some examples.

Once you’ve added your first fact, you can snag your username and create your account.

facts about your life

Start adding facts one by one and optionally tweeting them out to Twitter and sharing them on Facebook with your friends. You can also share a link to your profile page on Twitter or Tumblr if you so choose.

facts about your life

Everyone who visits your profile page will see a random fact that you’ve added, like “My favorite animal is a monkey“, or “I never got my driver’s license“. Below the fact, users will be able to click a button expressing their reaction to it.

facts about your life

Button choices include Knew that!, Didn’t know that, Me too!, Awesome, Whoa, Weird!, Boring, and No way. When somebody clicks on one of those reactions, their profile picture will be placed beside their vote for others to see, and you can click the picture to be taken to that user’s profile.

facts about yourself

If you would like to see all of a person’s facts at once, there is a link for that on their profile page, too.


I really like the idea of getting to know people better by learning interesting facts about them. It differs from Formspring for me in that some of the types of facts I’ve seen on Facto are about things I would have never thought to ask a person on Formspring, which makes it great I think.

So whether or not you can think of a lot of interesting facts about yourself to share, you should at least have fun reading everybody else’s. One option I failed to mention above was the ability to enable others to list facts about you, so if you think your best friends know more about you than even you do, by all means invite them to join in on the fun.

What do you think of this concept? Are you going to create an account on Facto?

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