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online storageIt seems it’s the age old enigma as far as computers and the Internet goes: How can I send (or store) a large file?  Many services have limitations set up.  For instance, many email providers won’t allow file attachments larger than 10 MB.  These days that’s not much, is it?  Many services allow larger file sizes and capacities… for a price.

Well, here at MakeUseOf we are more interested in service that are FREE.  Other MakeUseOf writers have written 4 Easy Tools for Sharing Large Files Over the Internet 4 Easy Tools for Sharing Large Files Over the Internet Read More some 3 Simple Ways to Send Big Files Over the Internet 3 Simple Ways to Send Big Files Over the Internet Read More articles DropBox: Review, Invites, and 7 Questions With the Founder DropBox: Review, Invites, and 7 Questions With the Founder Read More that can help. Let me share with you a free solution that includes file sharing AND storing: GoAruna.  GoAruna has several benefits, two of which are unlimited, free web storage space (the size limit for each file appears to be 100MB) and ease of use.  In this post, I would like to share some of the capabilities of this site and how they may be helpful.

File Storage

As I mentioned earlier, GoAruna sports a handy UNLIMITED total file storage limit!  This is cool because you can save as many files as you like!  There is a downside.  As far as I can tell by searching through the feedback forums is that the size limit for individual files is 100 MB.  I hate limitations!  But it’s a LOT better than the 10 MB limit email puts on us, right?

Personal Drop Box

free web storage space

GoAruna also has this nifty feature that allows you to set up a drop box where others can come by and upload a file to you.  Tight!  Someone else have a file that you need?  Have them send it to your personal space without having to offer them access to everything.  Many possibilities here, right?  Can help in a pinch!

Send Files (even securely)

There are two ways to send files: choose a file you’ve already uploaded…


free web storage space

…OR send a file quickly from the front page without signing up for an account.

free web storage space

When you send a file, you are actually emailing a link to someone to click and download the file.  Here’s an example of the email they will receive:

free online storage

If I were you, I’d give them a heads up just so they know what you’ve sent them.  People get suspicious when strange links to unknown files end up in their email!

Now that you know a bit about what GoAruna has to offer, let’s take a run through to see just how easy it really is to use!   Once you sign up and sign in, click “upload file”

free online storage

The next step will become obvious when the “upload file” window pops up — click “browse” to choose your file.

free online storage

The next step is waiting… with patience.  Depending on the file’s size, this could take time.

online storage

And that’s about all it takes!  Very easy to do!  See, you don’t REALLY have to be a geek to send large files!  You can pretend to be and tell the receiver of your files how difficult it was and that you wouldn’t recommend them trying it.  That wouldn’t be honest though, would it?

What do you think of GoAruna?  What other ways do you have for storing and sharing large files on the Internet?  We’d be grateful to learn!

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