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photo storiesThroughout the Internet, you and your friends are probably collecting photos, links and videos of things you’ve done or hope to enjoy. Some of you may blog about your experiences too, thus adding to the vast amount of information out there about the things you love to do. But when the event was attended by a group of friends, the story is often best told together, instead of in separate spaces. Erly is the latest social network to help you create an easy-to-use, beautiful collaboration space.

With Erly, users collaborate on collections built primarily on photos from other social networks. With multiple people adding photos and other useful information, users can develop a rich tapestry of information based on an event. Together, you can tell a great story for all of you to share.

Where Have I Seen This Idea Before?

The idea of creating a story or event-based collage developed by multiple users has been used by many websites before, including recently by Color Color - The Hottest Smartphone Photo Sharing App [Android/iPhone] Color - The Hottest Smartphone Photo Sharing App [Android/iPhone] Are you ready to try something a little new? How about a social network designed with smartphones in mind, rather than one based on desktop computer principles? Well, that's what Color have put together. It's... Read More , Memolane Memolane: Set Up Your Own Online Time Machine (250 Beta Invites Available!) Memolane: Set Up Your Own Online Time Machine (250 Beta Invites Available!) Read More and other timeline applications 2 Easy Ways to Create an Impressive Timeline for Free 2 Easy Ways to Create an Impressive Timeline for Free Read More . It’s nonetheless a great idea and Erly is a fantastic implementation of that idea.

Check out the Erly promo video.

Sign Up With Erly

Erly is easy to get started with – all you do is sign up with your Facebook login and link your favourite photo accounts, such as Flickr, Instagram Share Your Life in Photos With Instagram Share Your Life in Photos With Instagram Instagram describes itself as a "fast, beautiful and fun way to share photos with friends." After a quick download and signup, I've found it to be everything it had promised and more. Read More , SmugMug or Picasa. This will take you all of a couple of minutes.


photo stories

Start A Collection

Jump in and start a collection of some sort. Think of a recent event with friends or the travelling you did most recently. Give it a name and get started adding some photos. Erly will let you browse through your sets of photos on Facebook, Flickr, etc and quickly nominate which photos to use in the collection.

collaborative stories

Note that collections are public by default, but can be made private by adjusting the settings in the bottom right-hand corner.

Add Details To A Collection

Adding photos is a great start, but collections are really made by adding more detail such as video, links and notes. This is where you can add the YouTube videos you uploaded, a link to that great recipe for the food you ate, Google Maps locations, tourist information, short notes or links to full blog posts you wrote. All of this adds to the story, making it much more interesting for your friends to browse later.

collaborative stories

Invite Your Friends To Help Build The Collection

If your collection is based on an event you had with friends, invite those friends to share their memorabilia too. If they already use Erly you can find them by name. If not, you can invite them using email. You can even import Google or Yahoo contacts to make this process easy for you.

collaborative stories

A neat feature of building these collections is the ability to request that an item be added. When your friends join in collaborating, they might have something suitable to fill the spot.

collaborative blogging

Share Collections

Normally, you wouldn’t just want to share your collection with the people who were there. It’s possible to share the link with non-collaborators too. Simply click on the share buttons in the bottom right-hand corner for Facebook, Twitter or email sharing.

photo stories

What Else Might You Use Erly For?

Erly would be great for clubs to keep track of the best photos and video for events. You could easily use Erly to collaborate on future plans too. It might be a great way for a bridal party to keep track of caterers, locations and other wedding plans. How about that upcoming holiday? Why not link to photos and blog posts to remind yourself what you plan to do there? If you run a B&B you could upload photos of the venue along with links of local restaurants and tourist activities. You could even create a resumé or portfolio collection.

Can you add to the list of possible uses?

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