ShadyURL: Shorten Your URL In A Scary Way

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Beyond and TinyURL, there are a lot of URL shortening services that have popped up. But if you are looking for a fun and geeky way to link share links with your friends, then you should check out ShadyURL. This web app shortens your URLs to make them look shady and suspicious.

image thumb105   ShadyURL: Shorten Your URL In A Scary Way

To transform your boring and long URL into a scary one, just enter your link in the field box and click submit. Tick the shorten box if you want to generate a shorter, but somewhat less shady-looking website address. ShadyURL will then come up with a new URL that seemingly looks like a virus or porn.

This service won’t probably get you traffic since you will be scaring visitors away. Still, this is a cool way to have fun with URL shorteners.

image thumb106   ShadyURL: Shorten Your URL In A Scary

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