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There are things that we’d like to keep private while we browse the Internet. Nowadays, most mainstream browsers (e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox) allow for private browsing mode both on their mobile and desktop versions. Usually you have to enable the private mode before you start browsing to hide any traces from that particular session.

However, if you want your Internet browsing activity to remain secret at all times by default, check out Shady Browser.

browse privately android

It is a private browser app for Android that lets you privately and securely browse websites and videos and code-protects your bookmarks and histories. It is fast and has a minimal interface. It supports all standard browsing features like multi-tab browsing, download manager and also supports Flash. It doesn’t support playing videos from within the app itself and lets you use other apps for video playback but the developer plans to offer it in the future.

Once you install it, simply set a password required to unlock the browser every time you launch. But remember that the unlock screen will appear only when the browser is closed and launched again. If you simply hide it and then someone else opens it again they will get inside your browser with no password. It will appear as “S Browser” app on your device. It is free and available for Android versions 2.1 and later.


Demo video


  • Browse web privately and securely on Android device.
  • Fast, minimalistic interface.
  • Asks password to open browser.
  • Supports all standard web browsing features.
  • Multi-tab browsing.
  • Dedicated download manager.
  • Supports Flash.
  • Play videos with outside apps. Internal video player coming soon.
  • Related tools – Autonito.

Check out Shady Browser @

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