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You might have encountered a rating tool on many websites. These ratings let site visitors express their approval or disapproval of an article, a picture, or some other element on the website. Now thanks to “SetRating” you easlty can add add ratings to any website. You will no longer have to manually code up lengthy HTML to add the rating feature to your website or blog.

add ratings to website

SetRating provides you with the HTML code to add ratings. You can choose from two different types of ratings: either the 5-star based ratings system or the thumbs up/down rating system. Whichever code you choose, simply copy it and embed it on your website. That is all you will need to do.

Key Features:

  • Easily add ratings to your website
  • Does not require any registrations
  • Does not require you to setup any preferences
  • Lets you add ratings to your website’s pages
  • Provides two different types of ratings: stars and thumbs

Check out “SetRating” @

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