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If you are weak in geography or just want to acquire some general knowledge of the world, check out Seterra.

improve your geography

Seterra is a handy utility for Windows that allows users to try out more than 100 different geography exercises. All of these exercises are practiced on a virtual map, and every detail is shown on the map.

These exercises teach a person a lot about the world, including details about a country, capitals, oceans, flags, and even cities throughout the world. The program can be used in classrooms to make learning more interactive and fun and even used at home to intensify learning and make the child learn more about the place he lives in, or about the world.

Just check the System requirements required, and if you meet those requirements, download the program for your PC, and you can start learning about the world in a completely new manner.



Check out Seterra @

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  1. Marianne Wartoft
    January 9, 2012 at 6:50 am

    Thanks for the review. Please note that there is an online version as well for non-Windows users: