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wireless headphonesThis guide will show you how to setup your new wireless headphones. More times than not, the wireless USB earphones are actually a Bluetooth headset that comes with a bluetooth USB dongle.

This is great for machines that do not have Bluetooth built in. If you do have Bluetooth built in, you can normally get around not using the dongle but it is normally an easier setup using their dongle.

Strangely enough, my headset uses RF technology and needs the dongle to work.

how to setup wireless headphones

I love my wireless headset. My product of choice is a Plantronics Audio 995 Wireless Headset that I bought from Amazon for around $75. This might seem like a lot of dough to pluck down on a headset but I do chat a lot on Skype and as well as phone calls from my headset. I cannot have crap and not be able to hear or speak. I also like my music to be pristine so the Plantronics superior quality is what I choose. But there are much cheaper solutions.


Setting up this pair could not be any easier. When I unboxed my set, I saw the headset and its USB dongle. There was also a mini USB cable that acts as a power cord. Make sure to sufficiently charge your headset regardless of its make and model for optimal performance. After unboxing this set, I plugged the headset in to charge immediately as I unwrapped the rest of it.

how to setup wireless headphones

This is what my dongle looks like”¦ (insert snarky joke here”¦)

wireless earphones

The best part about this device aside from its superior quality is that it does not require any software and is PC and Mac compatible. I bet a enterprising young individual could also get it going on a Linux or Ubuntu setup. So after it’s all charged up, plug the dongle into a free USB port and put the charged headphones on your head. And presto chango, instant headphones and microphone!

The headset I have has built-in volume and media controls for raising or lowering the volume as well as advancing or going back to the last track. The buttons are around the left ear’s bezel as you can see in the shot below.

wireless headphones

To get the device to work with my machine was a breeze. After charging it and connecting the dongle, it just worked. I now could use it with Skype, Windows Media Player or both! I also got a 40-foot roaming range around the machine. So when my Tablet or MacBook is with me, we can all roam around the house together. This headset is fun for playing games or just relaxing. Either which way, it was super easy to setup and it works on all my devices”¦ (almost, that Ubuntu laptop is NEXT I swear – and I will keep you posted!)

Most USB headsets are set up the same way but some may have cradles instead of a dongle. How is yours set up?

Do you use a wireless USB headset? Which one? Did you experience any issues when trying to setup your wireless headphones? Would you recommend it to a friend? We would love to hear your opinions in the comments.

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