What Do You Have Set As Your Homepage? [We Ask You]

We Ask You Logo   What Do You Have Set As Your Homepage? [We Ask You]The idea of a homepage has changed over the years. It was once regarded as the portal to the rest of the Web, and your choices were quite limited. Now a homepage is merely the first place you land when you click on the little browser icon, and you more than likely click away from it within seconds to land somewhere else.

We’re still intrigued to know what others have set as their homepage, however. Learning what someone has set as their homepage is like getting a glimpse into someone’s psyche, informing us of the one site they value above all others in this vast collection of pages we call the World Wide Web.

This Week’s Question…

What Do You Have Set As Your Homepage?

Laptop Homepage   What Do You Have Set As Your Homepage? [We Ask You]

What you have set as your homepage says a lot about you. It suggests what kind of Internet user you are and what you primarily use the Web for. You may have a search engine such as Google or Bing set as your homepage. Or an online portal such as Yahoo or the BBC. Or a social networking site such as Facebook or Twitter. Or even a community such as Digg or Reddit.

Your homepage is not only the site you want to see first thing in the morning or when you first power up the computer, it’s also the site you think you’ll be returning to often throughout the day by using the ‘Home’ button. Google is my homepage, primarily so that I can quickly click ‘Home’ and search for anything I need to find information on.

Now it’s your turn to tell us what you have set as your homepage. If it’s MakeUseOf then you get a gold star and a lollipop (not literally!). Your answer to this question may help others decide to change their homepage, if your reasons for choosing the homepage you have are compelling enough.

We Ask You… All comments will be digested to form conclusions in a follow-up post next week where we will detail what You Told Us. One reader will be chosen as having made the coveted ‘Comment Of The Week’, having their name put up in lights for all to marvel at and to coo over. What more motivation than that do you need to respond?

We Ask You‘ is a weekly column dedicated to finding out the opinions of MakeUseOf readers. We ask you a question and you tell us what you think. The question is open-ended and is usually open to debate. Some questions will be purely opinion-based, while others will see you sharing tips and advice, or advocating tools and apps for your fellow MakeUseOf Readers. This column is nothing without you, as MakeUseOf is nothing without you.

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Kelly Walsh

Google Reader


Reddit and Google Reader



Brad C.

http://www.myfav.es/ It’s awesome. I have it fully customized with about 14 of my most used sites.

Dave Parrack

Great find. Thanks, Brad C. :)




Nothing. When I open a new tab I don’t like waiting. At work when I have to use IE on other folks machines I spend the first 10 seconds hammering escape so it’ll stop loading something useless. :)

Dave Parrack

Wow, that’s impatient of you! ;)



Ron C



Google Reader


iGoogle, so I can check RSS feeds (mainly for this site), search for things, see my Gmail, weather, etc.

Mel Jove

Fast Dial.

Chris Collins

Dave Parrack

Nice recommendation! Thanks, Chris :)

me too

Same here. Can sometimes take a couple seconds to load, otherwise awesome

AJ Kajewski

Me three! LOVE IT!


Symbaloo looks cool, and with Metro coming, will give everyone practice for Win 8

Clyde Atwood

My Yahoo

Andrew Gould

My browser always opens to the pages I had last session. I don’t use a home page.

Dave Parrack

Doesn’t that get annoying?

Andrew Gould

Since I use the same pages every day, no.

Dave Parrack

That makes sense. It’s not something I have ever considered doing. I have too many sites I visit daily.


Mine too. +1


I have Firefox set the same way, To open the same tabs that was opened when I closed it.
It’s really nice if you crash or the power goes off or something. When you get back up and running your right back where you was before.




Google reader




homepage is Google Reader
new tabs are iGoogle




iGoogle for me.



Bob Henson

A Blank Page, which is reused when I go somewhere. In Firefox, I have a search box set to Google as default, and short codes set for all the pages I use regularly (“met” finds the Meteorological Office site, for example) so there’s no point in wasting a tab on a home page. I’ve never seen the point in one, it’s the first thing I disable when installing a browser.

Dave Parrack

Minimalism. I like it :)

Steven Rinestine

Wikipedia, it’s an encylopedia of wonder.

Dave Parrack

They should use that as their tagline ;)

Meena Bassem



My Yahoo customized with lots of RSS feeds; essentially my personal “front page” for news. My Google calendar tab is pinned in Firefox.

Charlie S

I use a coustomised page based on the John C Dvorak PERSONAL PORTAL This site is 100-percent text for instant loading.


Dave Parrack

That is fast. I like it :)

Diana Wilcox


Trevor L

New tab page

Anita Lewis

iGoogle with gadgets for Google Reader, Twitter, Bookmarks, Weather, GMail, and ToDo List on main page. Second tab with News.



It’s great. I like this search engine. It protects our privacy. I’m also gonna set this as my homepage.


Thanks for this! I set it as a searchbox option!


I am shocked at the amount of iGoogle users. It’s like I hopped in my time machine and went back to 2002. I have the default Firefox start page, which is just a customized google search

Dave Parrack

iGoogle does seem to be very popular. I’m a little surprised myself.


Me too. I never thought so many people use iGoogle.



Using chrome, I have the omnibox for Google search. Probably about 30% of the time I open a browser I will be sending, reading or looking up an email. Most documents I receive are organised into gmail labels

John Reese

I have been using Protopage for years.
Seems like much more than a home/start page.
Very configurable and loads very quickly
in any browser.

Dave Parrack

News overload! It looks like a great option, thanks for the recommendation :)



Mark O’Neill

Duckduckgo sounds like a washing machine liquid!

Dave Parrack

It does! It’s a pretty neat search engine though.




i use Google


I have the new tab window, but I never actually go home. I have it set to show my windows and tabs from last time.


Speed Dial 2


Same here. Best home page I’ve ever had.


I use http://www.myfav.es/. Very cool and customizable.



No instant, no suggest. :)

Dave Parrack

That’s very useful, thanks :)



Robert Cherokee

I use Google Chrome and have 8 Tabs set as my home “Page”. A clock is tab 1, A forum for my profession is tab 2, MUO is tab 3, Cunsumerist Tab 4, GasBuddy is #5, My Yahoo #6, ESPN #7, iGoogle #8.

Dave Parrack

HomepageS then! Good to see MUO makes it to number 3 :D




DailyRotation, with additional RSS feeds and customized ones created from feed43.


I created a simple html page with my most often used website names and links. It loads instantaneously because it doesn’t try and pull website previews as most dialer apps do. I’ll see if I can post a sample line of html code:


h1 (header 1) makes it big, the align puts it in the center, the href is the link, and “iGoogle” is what’s displayed.

Slap on at the top and at the end and you’re good to go.


The comments god translated my html. Let me try again.

Here’s a sample line. You’d need to modify the {} to to make it real html.

{h1 align=center}
{a href=”the full URL (in quotes) starting with http”}
The name you want displayed

At the top and bottom of the list put {html}{body} and {/body}{/html}


Almost. The sentence before the sample should read:

You’d need to modify the {} to the ‘less than symbol’ and ‘greater than symbol’ to make it html.

Dave Parrack

That’s a great idea, Hildy, and thanks for persevering with the code :) Simple yet effective!


Symbaloo at home and Google at work

Robert Martin



Speed Dial


I was an iGoogle guy until I attempted to unGoogle myself. I loved Symbaloo until their little bar started following me around. I currently use Netvibes but thanks to Brad C. I think I will be switching to Myfav.es (with Netvibes as a link).

Dave Parrack

What was the reasoning for unGoogling yourself?


I think MUO wrote an article about it so the spark was in the back of my head. Then a few things Google did finally made me jump ship.

Google started to get political. I want my search engine to be a search engine, not a political activist. Especially since they do this outside of CA too- at least just stay in your home state and stop lobbying other states.

I hated their Gmail update, still do. Gmelius keeps it nice enough, otherwise I would have left that service too(it is my only remaining Google service).

I don’t want to be part of any social networks. Google+ started showing up everywhere- I don’t want to be joined into things by default and have to opt out of them. I don’t want friends- I am good at not making, why does Google want to force me to have them?

They started to get too smart- their recommendations just know too much. I like anonymity. I don’t want personalized searches that look through my history and bookmarks and give me biased (though arguably more accurate) results. I don’t want confirmation biased news or to be constantly bombarded with ads that are too hard for me to resist. I already own 47 flashlights, please don’t tempt me with more, show me some tampon ads.

I read a little truism somewhere- if you aren’t paying for it then you aren’t the customer, you are the product. Since I don’t pay Google I am just something they sell to advertisers. Nothing wrong with this- they use me and I use their service, fair enough. I just felt like I gave them too much of my info. I also felt like I was too dependent on them- all my eggs were in one baskets.

Search to DuckDuckGo, Docs to Zoho, Maps to Bing, Pics to Skydrive…

Dave Parrack

Thanks for sharing the thought process. I have never even considered ditching Google but I find all your points valid. Google+ is being pushed too hard and rolled into other services, which I don’t appreciate.

“If you aren’t paying for it then you aren’t the customer, you are the product.” That’s a great line and very true. I guess the same is true of MakeUseOf, we provide content for free in order to gain eyeballs looking at the ads.

At least there are some viable alternatives. Although it gets a bad press Bing is pretty damn good.


Used to be iGoogle, now it’s Facebook/Google Reader/Google Calendar.


Netvibes.com ofcource

Sue Deaunim



My ISP, Yahoo, MSN, Google, eBay & LMI.


iGoogle…love the RSS feeds


I set chrome to reload my tabs from my last session.


Mine’s set as the tabs I had opened before I closed the browser. I rarely ever do so, and I hibernate my laptop most of the time, so I’d barely ever see my homepage if I ever did set it to something. It’s more as a safety precaution, if chrome crashes, then I won’t have lost all the websites I had open.

Dave Parrack

I close my browser all the time and use CCleaner to clear the cache and cookies!


my home page is one i both wrote myself plus a couple of java things. i have a calendar and i have a countdown for the number of days i got free from my last job. i also have a countdown for the number of days i’ve known my spouse.


chrome ‘new tab’ page


NO home page – just slows me down. But if I want a jumping-off spot I pull up the Speed Dial (Opera)

Mark O’Neill

I thought iGoogle had gone the way of the dinosaurs. Obviously not. :-/)

I have my Chrome browser set to session save so it opens the tabs from last time. But when I open a new tab, I have Awesome New Tab Page installed, which I highly recommend.

Dave Parrack

Thanks for the recommendation, boss :)


I have no homepage set, just have the Chrome extension Speed Dial 2 set up so that I have everything I need in front of me, which differ depending on my needs for each day.



Josh Gunderson

I have Gmail and Google Reader pinned as App Tabs, and I use the Super Start add-on as the home / new tab page.




I always check to see if they have a new doodle for the day :)

Dave Parrack

Me too! Are we sad or what? ;)

Rani Karana

New tab page on Google Chrome. It loads instantly and lets me have access to all my apps quickly.


speed dial plug-in or more recently http://www.symbaloo.com which got me convinced to change as it’s very reminiscent of app icons for my android phone and allows far more ‘bookmarks’ to be easily accessible all in one place. my biggest drawback is the ‘google’ search in the center is a stripped down version and not ideal, i tend to find myself hitting control+t to open a new window now more often then going to back to my homepage… just to have easy access to google search and speed dial


A nice blank tab.

Brenda Whitehead

I have Google as a Home Page and Firefox as my browser. With Firefox’s Roomy bookmarks toolbar, anything I regularly need is only one click away.


Google Search


I have the Fast Dial addon for Firefox set as my homepage. It includes 10 of my favorite sites, then folders leading to other sites in each category. Here’s a screenshot: http://img1.uploadscreenshot.com/images/orig/5/13105360732-orig.png

And here’s a link to the addon: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/fast-dial-5721/

(Note: I’ve customized it a ton for it to look this way)

Joe P


Yatharth Khandelwal

I have my homepage as google



Netvibes (a mashup site) pulling in my RSS feeds and some dynamic content.

Stephane Sechaud

Google Reader


I have mine set to the Chrome Tab page which show the most used sites I go to. Secondly I use Skloog which keeps all my bookmarks in tabbed categories.


My Yahoo



Prateek Kumar Singh

“Speed Dial 2″ with these dials:


Dave Parrack

No MakeUseOf?!

Prateek Kumar Singh

Sorry ’bout that. I owe u an explanation:

See, the thing is that these are sites “I MAY FORGET TO CHECK” and that I do not forget them entirely.

But frankly, MUO doesn’t need to be on my homepage since it’s always on my mind.
MUO and ThinkDigit are always the first tabs to be opened. I may not check my FB or mail for 3 days, but not these..

Thanx.. :-]

Dave Parrack

Ha, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. I was only kidding :)

Thanks for being a loyal MUO reader. We appreciate it, honestly :D

Dennis Wright





about : blank


I use the default homepage in my Firefox.


I use speed dial, just one click to all your favourit sites




Yahoo. For at least 10 years. I used to switch back and forth from Yahoo to Google, but the installation of the Google toolbar gave me the what I needed as I set my homepage to Yahoo.
Tried several others in my early n00b years, but after becoming more web-saavy, I finally stuck to the one I found more useful for me.

Dave Parrack

It’s amazing that after 10 years Yahoo is still your jumping-off point :)


Me too!!


Symbaloo.com found out about it 2or 3 years ago been using it ever since.


My Yahoo. I’m not groovy like the hepcats today.

Praveen Khunte


Chrome’s ‘Awesome new Tab Page’ I very much like the metro style for it’s simplicity, I’m patient, so I don’t mind waiting for it.

Ray Michaud


Cutler Cox

I have my Google chrome browser set up to open up Google in one tab, gmail in another, and my favorite chat-room in the third.


Countdown to Exams! :)




I use myYahoo! for my Geek News feeds.


my.yahoo.com – combined Yahoo content with a lot of RSS feeds (sports scores, stock quotes, and NY Times yahoo link) gives me a great flavor of non-local news.


I use YouTube on my channel as my homepage.


Chrome’s new tab page
loads quick and has links to most visited websites

Lloyd Etheridge

Yes it does phil but if the misses opens it and you been going to a few naughty sites…ooops..I use my home own go4gizmo homepage so then I can save them or even lock anyone out from seeing my links. It is pretty cool.


makeuseof.com and google.com

Hitesh Nair

Same as me !

Hitesh Nair

makeuseof.com as home page, and google.com as the one that opens when i take a new tab


I like http://www.go4gizmo.com as I can have my my own favourite links in icon or text format … even hide them if I want so others cant see them.. then have what widgets I want added as well…..

its free and I don’t get spam from it and been on it a few years now.


I have a add-on called speeddial that has all the tabs of my favorite sites on one page.

Lloyd Etheridge

That’s great idea Dylan and if you are only using firefox but when you travel around a bit like I do and use different browsers its not so good.
I find http://www.go4gizmo.com is much better as it saves them all online for you plus you can have lots of other widgets and add ons included on your home page at the same time.


Is there something like Google Now available for computers. I would sure like that, to have the cards act like your own personal assistant. I can have upcoming events on a card, weather on another, important gmail messages on another. Basically like Google Now for Chrome

Idas A.

I got http://www.tilerun.com set not bad