How To Set Up Fusion Installer On XBMC

Install XBMC addons the easy way: use Fusion. This service gives you a quick way to browse, and install, XBMC repos from within the program itself.

We’ve shown you some amazing XBMC add-ons, and they’re not hard to install – especially if they’re in XBMC’s default repo. For many of the best add-ons, however, you’re going to want access to third-party repositories.

Installing these is straight forward: you need only download a ZIP file, then browse to it from within XBMC. But if you’d rather not close XBMC, open a browser and download a repo – or if you can’t, because your setup doesn’t include a keyboard and a web browser – Fusion can make things easier for you. Here’s how to set it up:

If you’re already playing with the recently announced Gotham beta, this might be useful. To summarize, the steps are:

  1. In the XBMC File Browser, add as a source.
  2. Head to “Install From Zip” under the Addon settings, as you normally would; you should see Fusion here.
  3. Install whatever repos you like.
  4. Install add-ons from these additional repos.

Obviously, in order for this to be useful, you’re going to need to know what’s in which repos – but if you’re interested in third-party repos, you probably know what you’re looking for already.

It’s also worth noting that Team-XBMC, which is behind XBMC itself, recommended you not use XBMC Fusion. If you use Fusion only to browse for and install repositories, however, you shouldn’t have any problems.

Confused about where to get started with XBMC? Our XBMC manual outlines everything, from getting started to advanced tricks and tips.

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Love XBMC and love the Fusion Installer.

I just have a select few addons, but Fusion makes the whole set up process quite a bit easier.

XBMC Friend

There’s a newbie guide on their site which would probably be useful to most people:


I try to install zip files from the Fusion directory, but i get the next message :

add-on does not have the correct structure

I also tried it on a clean installation of XBMC, with the same result.

Im using:
Win7 SP1 64-bit
XBMC 12.3 frodo

Please can you help me with this?

Justin P

I haven’t run into this problem, so I’m not sure what the problem could be. Is it any ZIP files, or a particular one? Some might be broken…

Justin P

Additionally, Frodo’s been replaced with Gotham 13.0 as of this week, and the upgrade is more than worthwhile. If nothing else works, try installing that.


hi i have got problem with doesn’t have the world or international folder.can you please help me.i have been trying to install aj addon but cant do it as it does not have this folder


how do i use this code xbmc. im using xbmc on MX android tv box.


I got same problem

J. Brown

Where can i get the fusion zip file? Link please?

Justin P

There is no Fusion zip file: Fusion is a directory of ZIPs you can add to XBMC so you don’t have to mess with ZIPs outside the program anymore.


I installed fusion but I only get the first three folders
I repeated the proses and the same thing happen no more then three folders. any suggestions would be appreciated
iPad air with xbmc Gotham

Justin P

Yeah, I believe there’s only three folders now, so it’s a little different than in the video. You should find most of the ZIPs, though.


Running with Gotham, I have same problem, its saying “add-on does not have the correct structure”


I have found my problem. It was firewall, that was making problem. It was not letting me to connect to source!


please please help me ive had my xbmc box for 2 weeks and im still having problems the instruction book is trash i have been on google and utube all the time with no real answers why would they not preload the thing thats easier i hope its okay to reset because i have quite a few times im trying to do addons i want 1channel,movies25,mashup,fiyi,navi-x this is what im trying to get help help please somethin easy im 67 years old got to be easier thank u

Justin P

The trouble is the extensions you want to install are all third-party, and not officially recognized by XBMC – an organization that wishes to distance itself from the piracy these tools allow. XBMC being an open platform, however, means you can install add-ons not officially supported – but you need to install it yourself. This usually means downloading a “ZIP” file from the website offering the extension, then heading to “Add-ons” in the “Settings” screen. Hit “Install From ZIP” and browse to the zip file you want to install.

Fusion installer, outlined above, makes it easier for you by offering a lot of the extensions in one place without the need to download the ZIPs yourself. I hope this was helpful; I can’t really talk you through each individual process step by step.


FUSION.XMBCHUB.COM is changed to

So add repository as “”

It works. I tested today.