How To Set Follow-ups & Reminders On Emails Without Installing Anything

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Email and speed go hand in hand. So when you need to quickly schedule a message for later or send yourself a reminder to follow up on something, turn to or ReminderBaba, two fantastic web apps.

Gmail users can set a reminder to follow up on an email or schedule it to be sent later with mxHero Toolbox, but that doesn’t solve all your needs. First, it’s only for Chrome. And of course, it works only with Gmail. and ReminderBaba offer a more elegant solution.

The sheer speed with which lets you operate is what makes it a winner. Visit the site and there’s no need to sign up or sign in with anything. Just type your message in the given box, choose the date and time (only available in half-hour intervals), and add the recipients.

The downside to not signing in is that you will need to know the recipients’ email addresses and can’t just select them from your contact book. The upside is that since there’s no sign-up, can work as a way to send completely anonymous mails and reminders too.

Once you’re done, shows a preview of what you just chose and if something is off, you can hit the “Edit” button in the corner to rectify your mistakes. When it’s time for the mail to arrive in your inbox, it looks a little something like this:

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As you can see, you get the original message but there’s no way to tell who sent it. Also, there are shortcuts to reschedule that reminder for later in one click, or set a new reminder. detects the timezone on your device and uses that to send you the reminder. is the perfect example of a light and quick web application that does its job perfectly. The only trick you’ll need to learn is remember the site’s name, but that should be easy with after using it for a while.


ReminderBaba is a service that’s quite similar to FollowUp, which lets you easily set follow-up reminders through your email. The big difference? ReminderBaba is completely free!


So here’s how it works. When you’re sending an email and want to follow it up, just add one of ReminderBaba’s email addresses in the CC or BCC field. The service has a bunch of formats for different types of follow-ups. For example:

  • -> Get a follow-up in 6 hours
  • -> Get a follow-up every Monday at 5pm
  • -> Get a follow-up on January 13, 2015
  • -> Get a follow-up every May 15 at 8am

Some of these formats cover recurring reminders too. There’s a full list of these formats at ReminderBaba’s website, but they are understandably difficult to remember. Well, we have a trick to bail you out.


Copy all those formats and paste them in a new email. Give it the subject line “ReminderBaba Formats” and send it to yourself. Because Gmail’s compose box lets you use the inbox in the background, you can just search for “ReminderBaba Formats” there and use the right format when you are writing a mail. It’s super-quick and you never need to leave that email tab!

Oh yeah, and if you ever want to see which ReminderBaba emails are waiting to be sent to your email, you can send a mail to “” to get a full list.

Email Reminders Or Apps?

The question now really is whether you find email reminders better or do you prefer to use a dedicated app for these. Which camp are you in and why? Drop a line in the comments and debate!

Image Credits: geralt, kropekk_pl

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