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Want to pay back to your friend who paid for the lunch last night? Or maybe want to send money to your brother, sister, or any other family member? Well, Serve does exactly that in a few clicks – which is the best thing.

send and receive money online

Serve is the next generation digital payment method through which you can send, receive and organize transfer of money and also manage payments online. Serve uses American Express system so its secure, and has all the technological and data systems to give you smooth working whenever you are sending or receiving money.

To use Serve, sign up for Serve account. Once you have done so, link a bank account, credit card or debit card to your serve account. You can then continue to fund your account and spend that money through the comforts of your home, in a few easy clicks! Just open your Serve account, choose “Send Money” and choose the amount and enter your recipient’s email address and they will receive the money once the transaction is accepted and successful.

Serve also allow you  to send payments from your mobile and is available for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.



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