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Do you want to find a new way to listen to music your friends like? Are you sick of signing up for cool new services and finding you have to wait several years before enough of your friends join to make it useful? How much do you think you’d love a service which integrated Twitter with YouTube music? Quite a lot?

So, if you’re on Twitter already and want to give a brand new music service a try, you should check out Serendip. It’s your own personal Twitter soundtrack – and it rocks. The mix of tunes are as eclectic as the people you follow, but it will certainly prove to be interesting. Serendip finds the YouTube music links your friends have shared and plays them in one long playlist for you. It’s really quite ingenious and makes for some great music exploration.

Start Out With Serendip

MakeUseOf has secured an invite code for you all, so you can join the Serendip beta ahead of the queue by using this link.

Once you’ve followed the link, simply authenticate Serendip with your Twitter account. Nothing will be posted to your Twitter account until you say you want it to. You can always change things to auto-post the things you do in your settings.

Listening To Serendip

Serendip will start automatically, finding the relevant music on YouTube and playing you the YouTube clip. You’ll see the tracks in the playlist and you have the use of basic skip, pause and repeat buttons to control the music you hear.

If you love what you hear, you can give props to great DJs and even air tracks yourself from within Serendip by clicking the air button and then tweeting the track details with a link.

If you want to listen to a certain artist or track, you can search for it in the search bar. From here you can also air it for everyone to hear.

Within minutes of listening to Serendip I had found several new artists to get excited about. Serendip is truly an ingenious way of exploring new music.

Following Your Twitter Friends On Serendip

Your friends don’t need to be using Serendip. Serendip gets your playlist rolling by checking the links your friends have shared on Twitter. If your friends use services like or Bandcamp and occasionally tweet what they’re listening to, these links will appear in your Serendip playlist. So, this means there should be plenty of music in the average user’s playlist to begin with.

It also means that all you need to do to improve the Serendip experience for your friends is to occasionally tweet a link to a great song.

You might find that your friends, albeit awesome on Twitter, just don’t have fantastic music taste. Serendip makes it easy for you to mute or completely remove these people on Serendip so that you no longer hear the music they share.

Finding New DJs To Listen To

The best way to find more DJs you might like to listen to is to just get listening. When you hear a song you like, check out the “Also Aired By” section and check out the profile of those DJs. If you like what you see, then add them to your DJ list.


Serendip is in Beta so they’re really keen to hear your suggestions for improvements. I’ve already suggested an integrated scrobbler. What else can you suggest to them? Use their feedback service for best results.

More Music Services

You’re obviously a reader with a thing for great music, so you’ll probably also appreciate these other services too:

You can never have too many ways to find new great music, but Serendip is a fun way to do so. What else do you use to explore new tunes?

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