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Search about 200 essential websites from one location. Using Serchilo you can perform quick searches on many popular different websites using simple shortcuts. For instance to search for something on Google you need to use “g” shortcut. For Amazon it’s “a”, for Wikipedia it’s “w” etc. There are about 200 search categories, i.e. weather, phone directory, ebay search, movie reviews, subtitles, google maps, dictionary, goggle cache and so on.

Serchilo - Search command line

See some examples below:

  • g Fiji holiday Searches Google for
  • w Steve Jobs -> Searches Wikipedia for Steve Jobs
  • gm london – > Google Maps search for London
  • a Albert Camus – Searches Amazon for Albert Camus
  • ebay iPod Touch – Search for iPod Touch
  • usd-eur 200 -> Convert 200 USD to EUR

To make it even better you can integrate Serchilo search directly into your browser’s search bar. Once added you will be able to use these search commands without going to the website. Registration is not required but if you register you will be able to edit existing commands or add new ones.

Check out Serchilo @

  1. Georg
    May 3, 2008 at 7:00 am

    You do not need to register if you like to add or edit commands. They are all stored in a which everybody can edit.

    If you register, you can setup your own ( >user commands and for example "overwrite" the keyword "g" pointing to somewhere else than Google.

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