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Do you want to know what the biggest cities in the world looked like during their vintage years? Then you should check out SepiaTown. This Google Maps mashup hosts a comprehensive historical image collection of cities and landmarks.

historical image collection

To start using SepiaTown, just enter a city in the search bar or choose from the featured spots on the homepage. You can find old photos within Google Maps – just click the photo on the map to see a preview of the picture or click enlarge to zoom to full size. The app also allows you to see the latest geo-tagged uploads as well as news and highlights that provide a backstory to some of the photos in the gallery.

historical image collection

SepiaTown is an interesting app for people who want to reminisce about the old times. It is also a cool educational tool to show students what cities and landmarks looked like since the invention of photography.

historical image collection



  • View latest uploads.
  • Read a backstory of sepia photos through the blog.
  • Google Maps mashups of old sepia-toned photos.
  • Find pictures using the search function.
  • Click on features spots.
  • Free; no-sign up required.

Check out SepiaTown @

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