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Want to find out how Google and other search bots see your website? Check out Seo-Browser, a little tool that can show you how search engines see your website. Find out what parts of the website appear more important, what elements are excluded, how long it takes for the website to load and some other factors. No sign-up required, simply enter your URL and it will present you with the info search bots see when they crawl your website.

Find out How Search Engines See your Site

There are a number of ways you can benefit from Seo-Browser. For instance, it can help you find out whether your current blog theme or website template is in SEO friendly format. There is also an advanced mode that analyzes even more factors, such as meta tags, page size and load times, text to page weight ratio and so on.

Another similar service is WebsiteGrader. I actually like it even more. Not only it gives a thorugh site report but also explains the logic behind each element.

Visit Seo-Browser @ [via DailyBlogTips]

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