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Today many jobs require typing with the computer’s keyboard. Being able to type fast and accurately can save a lot of time on the job. While there are many typing tutor programs out there, tools that are absolutely free and cover multiple languages are rare. Sense-Lang is one of these rare tools.

online typing tutor

Sense-Lang is a free to use website that helps visitors improve their typing speed. You can take advantage of Sense-Lang through tutorials and games. These tutorials are classified into different sections: typing tutorials (these concern the main keyboard keys, the alphabets) and keypad tutorials (these concern the numeric keypad keys). A comprehensive test of typing speed and accuracy is also provided to test your typing progress. The games section includes many enjoyable games that are more fun tests to check the accuracy and speed in your typing. Sense-Lang also has separate sections for children and the elderly; these sections focus particularly on them and help them improve their typing.

web based typing tutor

typing tutor online



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  1. UIK
    June 9, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    I'm sorry but this thing sucks... not only are the lessons just plain stupid, its nearly impossible to follow the text flying by sideways. How did they think that was an easy way to type?