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The best part of file-syncing app Dropbox is its ubiquity: files are on your computer and on the web. If this isn’t enough for you be sure to check out SendToDropbox, a simple web app that allows you to email any file and have it end up in your Dropbox.

Here’s how it works: you authorize Send To Dropbox to interact with your Dropbox account and you are given a unique email address. Any attachment sent to this unique email address is automatically added to your Dropbox.

email files to your dropbox

This is obviously a less efficient way to add files to your Dropbox than simply dragging them there, but not all the time. You could, for example. forward an email with an attachment to this unique email address to download it to your computer even when you’re away from your computer.

There are a few other features – you can, for example, set the app to automatically extract ZIP files or even include the text of emails in the Dropbox.

For the most part, though, Send To Dropbox is a simple web app that does one thing well: allow you to email files to your Dropbox.


email files to your dropbox


  • Send files to your Dropbox via email.
  • Perfect for files forwarded to you.
  • Can extract ZIP files automatically.
  • Optionally include text of message in plain text or HTML.

Check out Send To Dropbox @

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  1. Anonymous
    August 22, 2010 at 8:03 am

    is there any free file storage in which i can upload folders like in dropbox but they should not be present on my computer all the time