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Online file hosts usually place file size limitations on the files you can upload to them. If you are looking for a host that does not place this restriction, simply log on to a site called “SendThisFile.”


SendThisFile is a wonderful online file host that lets you store and send files online. While you upload files you can specify the recipient’s email address to which a notification will be sent once the file has been uploaded; optionally you can edit the body of the notification email. Unlike other file hosts, SendThisFile does not place any file size limitations – it only relies on the maximum file size transfer supported by your web browser. Another useful feature of SendThisFile is that it lets you create “file boxes” that you can add to your site and have others upload files to. All these features can be enhanced if your opt for the site’s premium package that lets you share entire folders and offers faster transfer speeds.


Check out SendThisFile @

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