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You are viewing a webpage on your office computer but you also want to read it as soon as you get home. SendTab is an excellent solution that lets you share tabs between multiple browsers and devices with just a couple of clicks.

The first thing you need, to use SendTab, is to sign up for an account and add all of the devices that you want to include in your network. This can be done by installing a browser extension or simply a bookmarklet to the browser.

Now whenever you want to share a tab, simply click on the SendTab button in your browser and choose the device you want to share it with. It could be your phone, your computer at home, your co-workers, or all of the devices in your network. You can also share and view on the iOS devices but that will cost you 99 cents for the app.


  • Share tabs across browsers and devices.
  • Works on Safari, Chrome and Firefox.
  • View complete history of tabs you have shared.

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