How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using Sendible

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Sendible1   How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using SendibleSendible ““ have you heard of it? Sendible is a great online service that helps you manage all of your social media endeavors. The service can be helpful for individuals and businesses alike.

It has been a while since we last had a look at Sendible, so I’ll give you the rundown on some of our favorite new features.

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Connecting Accounts is Easy

With Sendible, you can manage and use all of your social networking accounts from one central location. It’s much nicer to only load one web site instead of five or ten tabs. This will save you a lot of time, because you can read and send all of your messages at one time and place.

sendible networks supported   How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using Sendible

It couldn’t be much easier to add all of your accounts to your Sendible profile. All you need to do is click on the “Add/Edit Services” tab at the top and a page full of services will load for you to add to your account. Sendible supports all of the major networks.

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sendible update services   How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using Sendible

The networks are listed in different categories, like “Status Updates and Microblogging”, “Photo Sharing” (think Flickr or Facebook photo albums) and “Link Sharing” (Facebook, Typepad, WordPress, Blogger, and more).

sendible add services   How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using Sendible

Sendible also adds nice little features that aren’t built-in to the native web applications. For example, Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters, but Sendible’s message box is able to split them up into multiple tweets. For those times when you can’t just keep it short, this feature comes to the rescue. Just type your full message as normal and Sendible takes care of the rest.

How to Share Links with Live Automatic Preview on Facebook

One feature I particularly like about Sendible that is useful for me is the ability to post links that automatically grab a text preview of an article and post it on Facebook. This is a feature that many other services don’t provide or they do it in a limited fashion.

Using Sendible’s message box to compose is intuitive and fast. You can quickly type up your message, create short links and schedule your posts all from the same page.

sendible facebook post   How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using Sendible

I can’t stress enough how being able to do it all from one box saves a lot of time. You could write an article for your blog (including images), post it, make a short link for it, then quickly mention it to your friends on Facebook and Twitter with ease, all from the same message box. And as I said before, when you post your link on Facebook, Sendible knows to grab the data from the link too:

sendible facebook wall   How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using Sendible

Your Own Blog

Besides being able to post to your own blog if you have one, you could also create a blog using Sendible’s own internal blog service. Your blog will be available at Although the styling choices are limited for free users, it does come with a nice minimalistic theme.

You are given many settings to customize your blog, like the standard fields of blog name, blog tagline, author name, bio, and an image of yourself.

sendible blog settings   How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using Sendible

Writing a post is as easy as typing in any other blogging software. You can even schedule blog posts, just like you can schedule your status updates. Once your blog has been posted, you and everyone else can view what you write and leave comments.

sendible blog   How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using Sendible

Reminding & Scheduling

I’m the type of guy who likes a clear mind. If I can write down something and have a machine remind me of it later, then that’s perfect. My brain needs all of the free space and energy it can get. So this is why I’m glad Sendible has a nice scheduling service built-in. It’s good to be able to jot down something in the moment, schedule a time and let it fly.

Not only can you use it to schedule status updates or blog posts at a certain time, you could even use it as a personal reminder service. You can also setup recurring reminders. Another popular idea is to schedule blog posts while you’re on vacation so your readers are not left without you for the whole time.

sendible reminder   How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using Sendible


If you haven’t looked at Sendible in a while, give it another try. It’s a fast and useful all-in-one service that is definitely worth your time. For power users, they offer even more features at a monthly price.

Giveaway introduction

Facebook sendible   How To Share Links on Facebook With Previews using Sendible

Sendible is MakeUseOf’s recommended link-sharing service on Facebook and we’d like to celebrate this review with a giveaway. Head on over to our Special Giveaway page and be in the running to win five Sendible Marketeer 1-year subscriptions worth $180 each. You can also get a 25% discount code for all subscriptions!

Do you use Sendible? Do you have any tips or tricks for getting the most out of the service? Please share your knowledge in the comments below!

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J. Mark Bangerter

Sounds like the perfect service. They are going to be out of business though when someone does the exact same thing and offers it for free.

Jonathan Bennett

Hi Mark! They do have a free service. Everything I mentioned in my review is covered in the free plan. But they also have subscriptions available for a price which add more features.

In our giveaway we have five Marketeer accounts, which are $15/month ($180/year). This adds features like RSS feeds and recurring messages.

Ryan Williams

This actually sounds pretty awesome. I’m trying it out.


Sendible sounds pretty good. I’ll give it a try myself.


No luck with posting links with previews as described in this article. Just tried some pretty basic steps, followed what I could in the screen shots. It ends up posting a status update instead.


It would appear it only works for ‘Facebook post’ as your service, which means you cannot use this feature for Fan Pages, it doesn’t work on Fan Pages.


thanks for heads up!