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SendHub, the group messaging startup, recently released version one of their iPhone client application. This will be great news to SendHub and iPhone users, for the app offers nearly everything the web browser client does, but it makes those features mobile and thus more accessible.

SendHub Send Text Messages To Groups Of People With SendHub [Currently US Only] Send Text Messages To Groups Of People With SendHub [Currently US Only] These days, most of us would agree that text messages are often the fastest way of contacting people other than emails. Text messages are typically shorter, more immediate, and of course mobile. This is where... Read More is a simple messaging solution (for U.S. numbers only) for individuals, organizations, and businesses who want to send text messages to multiple groups of people at one time. Receivers of messages can opt-out at anytime by simply replying STOP to a message sent via SendHub.

Sendhub iphone

Those who want to subscribe to a group text message can do so by texting the group’s keyword to a unique SendHub phone number. The owner of a SendHub group is the only one who can send out and receive messages from subscribed members.

Unique features to the iPhone app include push notifications, alerting you instantly when messages are received, the ability to import and create groups right out of your iPhone address book, sending messages to groups of people on the go, and managing auto responders and inbound messages on the go.

A free SendHub account provides users up 1000 messages per month, up to three groups, with a maximum of 50 phone numbers per group. Premium monthly plans range from $10-$500.


Source: Techcrunch

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