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SendHub — a Google voice alternative targeted primarily at businesses and freelancers — was recently released for Android, Google Voice Alternative SendHub Launches For Android [Updates] Google Voice Alternative SendHub Launches For Android [Updates] SendHub — the business-focused calling and messaging app — was released for Android on Monday after a high demand from users. Since its first arrival on iPhone nearly a year ago, SendHub's developers have received... Read More but it’s the iPhone app that’s in the limelight this time. The app’s developers announced an update for the iPhone app that includes in-app purchasing and sound notifications.

As a result of the update, iPhone users will now be able to purchase more texts, calls, and groups without leaving the app. In an effort to promote the new feature, SendHub is offering a special deal: $9.99/month for unlimited texts, 150 voice minutes, and 10 groups of 100 contacts. For the record, that’s a pretty good price, and you can check your profile settings for this upgrade.

In addition to this update, you will also be able to take advantage of new sound notifications. Whenever you a receive a new text on your PC, you’ll get a sound to let you know that you have a message waiting on you.

Those of you who already use SendHub may appreciate its features for your business. Some of you may have even taken advantage of the free account if offers to individual users. At any rate, this is a great update for avid users and a perfect one for those just getting started.

What do you think of these new features? Will they convince you to give SendHub a try?


Source: SendHub Blog

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