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digital business card Do you want to make friends or business contacts but don’t have a business card? Do you want to find another way to be a little more eco-friendly? Contxts is a great solution for both of these questions. Contxts lets you send your business card via mobile phone text message (SMS). This is not only amazingly cool, but it is also really useful. It is always nice to have good ole fashioned business cards, but in a digital age, digital business cards are that much cooler.


Signing up for an account is painless and only takes a second. Just put in your name, number, username and email, and you’ve got an account. Once you have your login information, you will need to fill out your “business card.”

virtual business card

As you can see, it’s very easy to set up your digital business card. You have 140 characters to provide as much information about yourself as possible. If you are familiar with Twitter, putting all your information in a simple 140 characters will be extremely simple and easy. I did find that my title and company weren’t coming through in the text message, but they could easily be placed within the body of the text message.

How it Works

In order to send out your card, you just need to get someone to text your username to 50500.  My username is KyleJ, so if you want to see it in action, just text KyleJ to 50500.  You also have the option to receive a text when someone has requested your business card.  This is a great way to remember who got your business card after a long night on the town.

If you are at a conference (for example) and someone asks for your card, you can also send your digital business card to their phone.   Just ask for their mobile number (in this example, it will be “3034759204”) then text from your phone, send 3034759204 to 50500 .   The other person will then get your card details on their phone.   The other advantage is doing it this way is that you will now be on their mobile phone contact list.


Your Profile

This is one area where Contxts is a little lacking. There are options to fill out your information for other social networks, but they don’t appear on your digital card or on your site profile. This may just be due to Contxts being in alpha, but it is a feature that I would really like to see.

There is also a section for adding contacts. This would be a great feature, as I see this digital business card idea taking off, especially in very technical circles and areas of the country. It would be great to keep all of your technical contacts together on this website. However, this feature is still under construction.


Contxts is a great service as is. It is extremely easy to use and gets the job done when you don’t have one of the old business cards lying around. However, the lack of other services makes me a little sad, but it’s only because I see the potential there. I really think everyone should go out and make their own digital card. It’ll come in handy one day. I just know it.

Do you agree? Is this a service you see yourself using? Or can nothing replace the good old cardboard business cards? Maybe online digital cards 5 Ways To Create Your Business Card 2.0 5 Ways To Create Your Business Card 2.0 Read More are the way of the future and SMS cards are just a fad? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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