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send group text messagesThese days, most of us would agree that text messages are often the fastest way of contacting people other than emails. Text messages are typically shorter, more immediate, and of course mobile. This is where the new web service, comes in.

It allows you to receive or send group text messages from your mobile phone or web browser to designated groups of people without the added phone bill costs. The service for now is only available in the US.

Who Is It For?

The ideal users of SendHub are small business owners, coaches, teachers, healthcare clinics, sales people, clubs and organizations, or anyone who needs to communicate with lots of people.

send group text messages

Interestingly, I’ve told my family dentists, eye doctors, and physicians that it’s always better to contact me by text message than by email. I tell the school teachers of my students the same thing. This is because I receive a lot less text messages than I do emails, and if you need an immediate response from me you’re more likely to get it with a text message.

SendHub is a great way for clients, students, and club members to opt-in and receive appointment reminders, important messages, and event updates. Noted groups like Teach for America, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and All Sports Community Service are all users of the service. According to a Techcrunch interview, SendHub now forwards more than 30,000 messages per week.


How It Works

You can register for a SendHub account using your mobile phone number, personal email, Facebook, or Google account. SendHub assigns you a personal SendHub phone number with an area code of your choice. To complete your registration, you need to verify with a 4 digit code via SMS on your phone.

send group text messages free

SendHub’s free rate plan allows for up to 1,000 messages per month, up to 3 groups, with a maximum of 50 people per group.

send group text messages free

You set up a group in your account, and from there you can send opt-in messages for people to be a part of your group. You can also allow people to subscribe to your group by providing them an assigned keyword (by default the name of your group) that they text to your SendHub phone number. You can also import contacts using a CSV file.

send group text messages free

New messages are sent from your SendHub account via a web browser or your phone web browser. Messages can also be scheduled for sending at a specific time. You can set up auto-responses to incoming messages.

group text messaging

Users can can opt out of the group anytime, or simply send a STOP or Block replay message to your SendHub phone number. Only a group owner can send out a message, and recipients can only reply back to you, the group owner.

The SendHub number loops to your personal number for voice calls. This function can be disabled from within your account. All messages to your SendHub account can also be tracked in your SendHub database, creating a “paper trail.”

Mobile App

SendHub has iPhone and Android mobile apps under development and they are scheduled to be released later this month.

send group text messages

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Let us know what you think of this new service. Are there features you would like to see added? Let us and the developers of the service know.

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