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Once in a while I need to send certain things from my PC to my mobile phone. This can be a personal memo note, an address of some place, telephone number or even a document. If you also frequently need to send stuff to your phone, here are some tools to help you with that.

SendToPhone – Send Text Messages, Addresses, Directions, Phone Numbers etc.

Google SendToPhone

[NO LONGER WORKS] Google SendToPhone is one of the coolest Firefox extensions out there. When installed you will be able to highlight text, emails, physical addresses, directions, telephone numbers, etc. on any webpage and instantly send it as a text message to any mobile number within US for free. Quick and easy.

You can send messages to yourself as well as other mobile phones, it doesn’t matter. Which also means that it can be used as a free text messaging service.

BeamIt – Send Files and Documents to your Mobile Phone

Sebd files and documents to Mobile Phone

Unlike the above one, BeamIt is a website. With BeamIt you can select any picture, office document, media files (anything less than 5 minutes), upload it to the website and then send it to your mobile phone over the internet. Here is how it works:

      1. Go to

[NO LONGER WORKS] Beam-It website



      2. Upload the file or document you want to send.


      3. Optionally choose to compress it to ZIP.


    4. Click Send and wait for the text message with the download link.

Obviously, your mobile contract should have a data plan in order to be able to receive and download the files from the internet.

Clipboard2Phone (Windows) – Send Clipboard text from your PC to Mobile Phone

This nifty utility comes from our friends at Lifehacker. With Clipboard2Phone you can forward any text from Windows clipboard (whenever you highlight text and click ‘Copy’ on Windows that text is added to your clipboard) to mobile. This one isn’t as simple as the above Google SendToPhone but can be quite handy for sending text to mobile without even launching the browser.

Are you aware of other similar programs or websites ? Share with us in comments.

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